Chapelle Royale Chateau de Versailles

The Church

The royal chapel of the Château de Versailles is a masterpiece of Jules Hardouin-Mansart, finished after his death by his brother-in-law, Robert de Cotte in 1710. It is dedicated to Saint Louis, patron saint of the Bourbons.

The organ

The organ case is made by Philippe Bertrand (1708). The instrument itself was built originally by Robert Clicquot in 1711. A major transformation was carried out by Cavaillé-Coll in 1873. In 1936, this organ was sold to the Séminaire de Châteaugiron (and later to the Saint Martin church in Rennes) and Victor Gonzalez made a recontruction of the Clicquot-instrument.
In 1995, a completely new instrument was made by Jean-Loup Boisseau et Bertrand Cattiaux, aiming to recontruct (again) the creation of Robert Clicquot and the additions of Louis-Alexander and Francois-Henri Clicquot.
The result of this work is amazing: a wonderful French classical instrument, sounding brilliant and powerful, as e.g. the organ of Houdan (an entirely conserved isntrument of Louis-Alexander Clicquot). What incredible sounds would emerge if these builders would restore organs with still many old stops, as the organ of the St-Gervais?!

Main builder History Latest restauration
1995 - Jean-Loup Boisseau et Bertrand Cattiaux 1711 - Robert Clicquot
1736 - Louis-Alexandre Clicquot
1762 - Francois-Henri Clicquot
1817 - Pierre-François Dallery
1873 - Aristide Cavaillé-Coll
1936 - Victor Gonzalez (new)

IV/37 - Mechanical traction

: Michel Bouvard, Francois Epinasse, Frédéric Desenclos, Jean-Baptiste Robin
Titulair-honoraire: Michel Chapius
Famous organists in the past: Nivers, Lebègue, Couperin, Marchand, D'Aquin, Balbastre.

Concerts: regularly

Specific links: History of the organ

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