The Church

This church was rebuilt in the second half of the 15th century in flamboyant gothic style at the place of a former church of the 11 th century. It was moderated several times until the 18th century, and has thus a rather heterogenic appearance. Situated at the end of the medieval and pittoresk Rue Mouffetard, this church is one of the typical 'countryside' churches of Paris (as is St. Germain de Charonne).

The organ

The beautiful organcase (made by Germain Pillon) dates to 1646, even anterior to the one in St-Étienne-du-Mont. The gallery beneath was built only early in the 19th century. In 1767, organbuilder François-Henri Clicquot completely rebuilt the old instrument in the old case, extending it with two wings and reusing only the wooden pipework of the old organ. And history repeated itself: In 1880 the work if Clicquot was almost completely removed (with the exception of six stops) by Edouard and Eugène Stolz who rebuilt the organ completely, emptying also the positif to place a new console. Since than, only minor changes have been made, so this organ can be considered as a relatively authentic work of the Stolz brothers.

Main builder History Latest restauration
1880 - Edouard and Eugène Stolz 1650 - Jean et Francois De Héman
1767 - Francois-Henri Clicquot
1778 - Adrien L'Espine
1880 - Edouard and Eugène Stolz
1934 - Gutschenritter
1978 - Masset-Gutschenritter
2000 - Bernard Dargassies
1990-2000 - Dargassies

III/32 - Mechanical traction

: Jean Galard

Concerts: seldomly
Masses with organ: saturday 18.30 h sunday 11.00 h

AUDIO: Jean Galard - Charles Koechlin: choral en fa mineur (Skarbo 2004)

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