The Church

The building of Saint-Roch started in 1653, but was not finished until 1740. The baroque façade, inspired by the Gesu-church of Rome, is decorated with doric columns for the lower part (with statues of St. Roch and St. Honoré) and corinthian columns for the higher part (with statues of St. Geneviève and Ste. Clothilde. The chancel was extended in 1709 with the circular Lady Chapel, again in 1717 with the Communion Chapel and finally with the Calvary Chapel in 1754. This makes the church unexpectedly lengthy. The church preserves a great number of masterworks, paintings and sculptures, partly derived from other churches destroyed during the revolution.

The organ

The organ was built in 1750-56 by François-Henri Lesclop and -after the death of Lesclop in 1752 - by Louis-Alexandre Clicquot. Parts of the former organ (1671) of Etienne Enocq were incorporated. The instrument was rebuilt in 1842 by Aristide Cavaillé-Coll, re-using a large portion of the old pipework and most windchests. Further works were carried out in 1859 and 1881 by Cavaillé-Coll. A restoration was performed in 1927 and 1948 by Gutschenritter. In 1994, a comprehensive restoration was completed by Jean Renaud, reconstructing the organ of 1858/81 while preserving Mutin's pedal compass.
Most stops date to before the revolution, including all reeds of the GO, positif and most reeds of the pedal.
This organ is a beautiful synthesis of Clicquot's 'old' French classical organ and an instrument of Cavaillé-Coll in his early days.

Main builder History Latest restauration
1770 - FH Clicquot
1858 - A Cavaille-Coll
1756 - Lesclop
1770 - FH Clicquot
1826 - Dallery
1841/1858/1881 - Cavaille-Coll
1927/48 - Gutschenritter
1992 - Renaud
1992 - Renaud

IV/53 - Mechanical traction

: Françoise Levéchin-Gangloff
Famous organists in the past: Claude-Bénigne Balbastre, Louis James Alfred Lefébure-Wély, Pierre Cochereau (1945-1955).

: occasionaly
Masses with organ: saturday 18.30 h sunday 11.00 h

Françoise Levéchin-Gangloff - Guillaume-Gabriel Nivers: dialogue à 2 choeurs
(Skarbo 1997)

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