Orgue de choeur

The organ

The current choir organ is an instrument of Robert Boisseau in the old buffet constructed in 1863 and designed by Viollet-le-Duc, who was responsible for the comprehensive restoration of the cathedral at that time. Due to poor maintenance and unsuccesful restorations, the original instrument of Merklin was considered to be in such a poor condition that it could not be saved. Robert Boisseau built a new instrument of 28 stops (later 2 additional stops were added). In 1989, the Chalumeau of the pedal was replace by a Clairon. In 2005, the organ was cleaned by Philippe Guyonnet and tuned by Bertrand Cattiaux. In 2010, further works were carried out by Bertrand Cattiaux and a new console was installed.
This organ is built in a French-classical style.
Full history of the choir organs of Notre-Dame.

There is third organ, a portable instrument for continuo to accompany the Notre-Dame de Paris choir school’s ensembles and soloists.

CHoir organ

Main builder History Latest restauration
1969 - Robert Boisseau 1869 - Merklin
1969 - Robert Boisseau
1970/1978/1989 - Jean-Loup Boisseau
2005/2010 - Philippe Guyonnet & Bertrand Cattiaux

II/30 - mechanical traction (maunals) and electric traction (stops)

Titulaire: Yves Castagnet
Suppléant: Johann Vexo

Concerts: never

Masses in weekend with the choir organ:
in the main masses, the choir organ accompanies the choir and all musical liturgical parts. The great organ plays the entrée, the offertoire, the communion and the sortie (and some songs or responses for all).
saturday 17.45 (evening prayer, choir-organ only), 18.30
sunday 8.30 (choir-organ only), 9.30 (morning prayer, choir-organ only), 10.00, 11.30, 12.45, 18.30; on sundays, the great organ plays also during the evening prayer at 17.45.
Masses on weekdays with the choir organ:
17.45 evening prayer and 18.15 mass

Johann Vexo: Tierce en taille (Couperin)

Johann Vexo: Basse de trompette (Couperin)

Johann Vexo: Plein jeu (Couperin)

Johann Vexo: J.S. Bach Sonate 4,1

Johann Vexo: J.S. Bach Sonate 4,2

Johann Vexo: J.S. Bach Sonate 4,3

Messe du dimanche matin 8h30 Yves Castagnet